As most of you know, we have all the options available for you to look at and to make your vote count in the poll. But, what we don’t have is a place for you to voice your opinions.

Are you ready to move, or do you want stay? If you would move, where would you move to? If you were to stay, what changes would you make, if any? What would the new stadium look like in your eyes?

Let’s hear it Greenville (and surrounding areas), don’t be shy! This is the place to be heard.


Option 5: Switch Swap Yellow Jacket Stadium with Black Field

Cost: Approximately $2.2 – 5 Million

With option five, Greenville would be switching Yellow Jacket Stadium with Black Field, football would play at Yellow Jacket Stadium and soccer would play at Black Field. Continue Reading »

Option 4: New Stadium

Cost: Approximately $5-6.5 Million

With option four, Greenville’s football program would play at a completely new stadium. Continue Reading »

Option 3: Upgrade Yellow Jacket Stadium (current home of soccer)

Cost: Approximately $2-4.5 Million

With option three, Greenville would move their football’s home games to Yellow Jacket Stadium, but a great deal of changed would still need to be made. Continue Reading »

Option 2: Renovate Black Field

Cost: Approximately $6.5 Million

With option two, Greenville would continue to play football at black field, but with a great deal of changes made. The reason the cost is $6.5 Million is because if it’s going to be done, it will be done right and be ready to have football played there for another 130 years. The essential renovations mentioned in option one would be completed . The field would be completely leveled, which the end zones have already been this past fall, with a 5 yard barrier from the field to the nearest set of stands, or walkway. New concession stands would be added to accommodate spectators in a much more efficient way. The bathrooms would be brought up to not only code, but also more inviting to users. They currently do not meet code requirements for the capacity of Black Field. There would be a new locker room building that houses both Greenville and visitor locker rooms as well as showers for players. A new stairway from the field to the bathrooms would be completely redone to come up to current code requirements. Other renovations would be added as well, such as changing the angle of the field, moving the fence and visitors stands back to alleviate the below 5-yard barrier that is currently along move of the home stands. The parking lot would also be paved and lined to fit more spectators.

The problems with renovating Black Field are that there is still no large structure for spectators to go to in case of a weather emergency. There are still parking limitations (though more would be available with the current parking lot being paved and lined). The team and band members would still need to be bussed to the field every home game, taking up valuable parking spaces. There would be temporary construction issues. And public perception would be improved, but still disconnected from the school.

Make your vote count!

Option 1: Do Nothing.

Cost: Currently $0 additional dollars, but approximately $300K – $500 K very soon.

With option one, Greenville would continue to play football at black field, exactly how it has done for generations. Saying “do nothing” is ultimately not an option, because of code requirements that will need to be either added, or changed. some of these things are lights for the playing field, handicapped parking spaces, visitor stairs, and field level access. The current lights need to have shatter proof lenses, and need to be moved back to be able to cover the whole field, which they currently do not do adequately. Designated handicapped parking spaces need to be paved near the entrance of Black Field. The visitor’s stairway from bathroom level to field level is not up to date and would have to be changed to a cement ramp. Field Level access would have to be updated for paramedics to come to the field in case of an emergency. Pavement would have to be set to the edge of the fence. All of these improvements would cost upwards of $300K-$500K, showing that truly doing nothing is impossible; essential improvements need to be made.

The problems still remain that there are parking limitations for fans, players and band members need to be taken to the field for every game by bus. The bathrooms, concessions, and locker rooms would remain the same as they are now. There is also concern for spectator safety in case of a weather emergency (lightning strike, tornado, etc.) since there is no large building around for people to go to. Also, public perception would be that Black Field will continue to have poor facilities.

Make your vote count!

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