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As most of you know, we have all the options available for you to look at and to make your vote count in the poll. But, what we don’t have is a place for you to voice your opinions.

Are you ready to move, or do you want stay? If you would move, where would you move to? If you were to stay, what changes would you make, if any? What would the new stadium look like in your eyes?

Let’s hear it Greenville (and surrounding areas), don’t be shy! This is the place to be heard.


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As you may be aware, we have continued our analysis of options with respect to providing appropriate facilities for our athletic programs. At the january board of Education meeting, the superintendent presented findings with respect to property deed and community history, building and health code concerns, and presented options for addressing the concerns.

It is absoulutely impertative that our community understands:

1. We are in no position to pursue the funding necessary for any significant construction project. Our economy and the impact of more taxes could cripple already fragile personal budgets.

2. We are unable to prevent allocating some, and in some cases substantial funds, to address legitimate health, safety, and operational concerns at our current Black Field site.

3. While several long-range options exist, they create conflicting short-term actions. Without a long-range vision for our programs, we will be forced to allocate funts which are likely later to be found less than prudent.

The fact is, our resources are limited. It deeply troubles us that without a clear picture of where we should be going, we run the risk of spending those limited resources in an inefficient manner. For example, replacing a set of stairs could be done for a few hundred dollars, but those stairs will not fully address out concerns for access, and will again need to be replaced in a few short years. If, instead, we knew we were going to use the facility as we presently do for many years to come, we might consider a longer-term improvement of a concrete ramp, and modifications to fencing and railings.

We will be providing a number of public forum sessions to share information that gives our public the real issues we are facing, and provides the opportunity for input with respect to setting a vision for long term planning based upon facts and understanding. These dates will be widely published and we hope you will consider attending!

Janet Ralph, President (Greenville Board of Education)

Peter Haines, Superintendent (Greenville Public Schools)

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October 15, 1936

The Black Athletic Field, donated to the school by the late Dr. D. K. Black, will be dedicated Friday afternoon, before the football game between Greenville and Mt. Pleasant high schools.

This portion of the city south of the Union school building, is remembered by older alumni as an unforbidding part of the gully that was crossed at Franklin street by an old wodden bridge, on which they romantically carved their names. The “sand lot”, as it was known in later years, was filled in to provide a good playing field, the North and South sides were buttresed with cement walls, and a broad approach build on the Northeast corner, near the school building. This is the third year that football games have been played there. It is of interest that Jimmy Edsall, a grandson of Dr. Black is a member of this season’s football squad.

Courtesy of Flat River Historical Society

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